The very beginning of my day began with a parent telling me at morning drop off, “Have a great Thursday!” I didn’t even question it for at least 30 seconds, and then I found myself asking, is it already Thursday? While I discovered that it indeed is Wednesday, I feel like this theme is ongoing in my life as I check my calendar and realize December is almost 1/3 of the way gone and the days before the end of the semester are rapidly disappearing. With staff counting down the days, waiting im(patiently) for break, I find myself stopping more frequently than I used to to breathe, celebrate small and big moments, and be present to the here and now.

Life lately has been all inclusive, a full throttle whirlwind of big things, except for Thanksgiving break. I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself with my sleep numbers, but I’m so thankful for the long weekend to rest. During that time I also ate a lot of calories and yummy traditional and nontraditional North American Thanksgiving food, made memories with staff members who didn’t travel, and finished my last bits of homework and assignments for my class through SPU. It’s hard for me to believe that was just 10 or so days ago! So what happened last week (or this)?

Last Tuesday I had my first interview for my internship for next year. I can’t believe conversations already reached this point as I was expecting to wait until at least March for any movement. All 20 minutes went really well. I left hearing talk of a possible paid internship and send me your resume. I received a follow up email today from the superintendent with a lot of enclosed excitement about moving forward. I’m also talking to three additional schools, and while I’m hopeful for leads and information from them, in the waiting, I’m trusting that God is excited to reveal His plans for me and will when it’s time.

My roommates and I are again awaiting an official move date as December 15 (the we kick you out date) quickly approaches. We celebrated our current apartment so well, only to find out the following day the contract we thought we had fell through. Today got word of an almost finalized scenario with another place. My friend asked me if I was excited to have an apartment and a new move date, but was honest with her and said I’m waiting for signed paperwork and keys to know if we can for sure move in! Totes are stacked high in our living room, waiting to be packed. Friday I’m going to get my Tetris organizational game face, friends, and get to work! Saturday is supposedly the new move date. Nothing like waiting until the last minute…to pack OR find an apartment!


telepictionary and pizza houseparty remnants

On a less serious note, I’ve been waiting what seems like all semester for Kraft Mac and cheese to reappear in the grocery store. I looked every time I went for endless weeks. Sunday as I was walking to my friends apartment, I got a call from another friend standing in the imported isle wondering how many boxes I wanted! I couldn’t believe it. I was JUST at the grocery store a few minutes before, and in my hustle didn’t look down the imported isle. I was distracted by my own agenda and missed it.


just look at that glorious import sticker!

Today I met with the high school girl I disciple, and we looked at Lamentations 3:26, “so it is good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord.” Salvation has come. We don’t have to wait any longer. But, the first part of that verse reminds us that it is good to wait. There’s something about waiting. Something it does in us. As the question of where I’ll be living next semester soon gets answered, there are so many other aspects that I’m waiting for as this transition to Seattle season unfolds. For a girl who values efficiency, waiting is wasting. Yet here we are in Advent season, the ultimate season that reminds us of the value in waiting. I don’t want to miss it. I’ve recently found something special about soaking up, embracing the scenery, experiencing the journey because even if I’m waiting, He’s always working, always orchestrating everything for my good. And to begin to really believe that at my core, finally, cuz shoot, I’ve been waiting a long time.


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