Let me ask you a question…

To my friends who might have wondered if I’m alive, I am! I’ve been saying for weeks now, I should blog. 90% of the time I say that, I end up taking a nap instead. Thanks for understanding my need to nap instead of write to you. Today on one of my favorite days of the year in Bolivia, Pedestrian Day, the quiet of the city has energized me to live outside of this place and connect with you! It’s a day when vehicles stay parked in garages and people come out on bikes, scooters, rollerblades, with their dogs, etc. Because I live on a busy street with poorly made apartment windows, I thrive on this quiet. It takes me miles outside of the city without moving my apartment! Too bad every day can’t be Pedestrian Day! 
I’m sharing with you some questions and answers that have been flying out to people like crazy lately!

How was your summer?

My summer was a whirlwind! I was at my dad’s house for a measly 7 days. In that time I hit up my brothers for a cookout, celebrated two birthdays, and spoke in my home church.

I went out to Chicago for a week. While normally this time is mixed with going to my literacy conference at Judson and seeing friends, the conference conflicted with my classes at SPU, so it was a leisure/fun trip only. I had a blast. Because I had more time and space in my schedule, I was able to connect with different people. God used this week to fill me up and send me out to my new adventure in Seattle. 

outside of Portillos in Elgin, my favorite hotdog place!

My turnaround time from Chicago to Seattle was less than 24 hours, and my friend from Tacoma greeted me at the airport. I’m so thankful for her presence in the PNW, and I like to think that God divinely sent her to that foreign land to help me as my adventure is just beginning there! She dropped me off at my temp-home while I was at SPU where I got my study on and lots of rooftop deck time. The classes I took were wonderful, and perhaps the best classes I could take as I enter into this year. They truly prepared me for my job. God really showed off during these four weeks, from free housing to a car to drive around to a church community to a friend in my classes. I joyfully watched God answer every need and request I had been praying for since January. 

my gorgeous Ballard neighborhood

From Seattle, I went to Huron to see my god family. These people are true treasures. It was encouraging to be able to spend some days together. Lots of laughs, tears, naps, and selfies marked our days.

My goddaughter Vera, her lambie, and me

From Huron, I was home for two days and then flew out to La Paz! After a horrendous 69 hours of travel, I finally made it to my apartment.

So how was my summer? It was eventful, but restful. Each part was unique in its own way. It was really hard to come back to my uprooted world, especially without Scott/Tammie and Scott/Sarah being here, but seeing the students on our welcome back day filled me with life and joy for this upcoming year.

Do you like your new job?/Do you miss the classroom?

This combo question seemed to never stop the month of August and proved challenging to answer. After all, how can you really know after only trying something out for a day, a week, a month? The first week back in country, work week, was busy, and then came the first week with students and this upcoming week is midterms! I’m not sure I can answer this question now, but what is true and what I do know is that I enjoy what I’m doing. I love the freedom in my schedule. I love being able to work alongside of teachers to help them teach effectively. I love being in the classroom and watching them in action and the students responding to their instruction. I love developing the new team of Lead Teachers. I love encouraging the great team we have here in La Paz. I love leaning into the community that God has given us!

For now, I don’t really miss the classroom. But I’m in so many classrooms every week, and I’ve also been substituting for teachers who are off doing visa work. And because I used to teach, I still have relationships with many students. I don’t miss bus duty after school or grading papers or lesson planning. 

When do classes start at SPU?

I registered this week for my first online class which starts the last Monday of this month. It’s a research class, and I’m not incredibly pumped about it, but I hope that it proves to be somewhat helpful and a positive experience. I’m beyond thankful that I get to continue my degree, and I still feel like God set this school in my lap. I can’t wait to see where He/this degree takes me.

What is God teaching you?

If you get my snail mail newsletter, it talks a large chunk about trying things on. I could spend my life analyzing and trying to figure out what God is doing in this new since June season-leading me to SPU and giving me an assistant principal position! Is this the right degree? Do I want to be a Principal the rest of my life? If my heart is for leading, should I just start my own NGO and be in charge of that? Go work for another NGO? But I have newfound joy and peace about resting in the truth that God knows what He is doing. He’s calling me to be present to today, to the gifts and talents He has given me, to the season he has me living inside. It’s messy and mysterious, but I am confident that God will share more information with me about this whole process when I’m ready. 

Will you pray for me this year?

I’ve updated my Top 5 and would love for you to thank God for the things that he is doing in my life and pray for my ministry here.


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