May has arrived! For me, this month’s anthem is the same that I’ve been singing since January. It just seems that I am singing it louder and more often. We were created for relationship and God calls us to live in the present. Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Relationships are hard in such a transient community, but I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with this quote more. Right now we’re all in, friends and students, as we end this season together.

Present adventures: friends
This past weekend I adventured to the jungle of Bolivia. Three other friends and I enjoyed hiking the trails, sleeping in hammocks, taking naps and reading by the pool, and sitting around the table playing games, eating, and laughing. This was such a much needed break for me. It was great for this Iowa raised girl to get out into nature and rejuvenate before the crazy of the end comes!

Our cabin and yard in the jungle!

Our cabin and yard in the jungle!

My good friend Maegan is back in La Paz for a bit. It has been so good to reunite and see her and connect with her. Of course, things got a little crazy when all of us “oldies” got together.

hangin' out with Mego!

hangin’ out with Mego!

Present adventures: students
My students continue to bring me so much joy. This past week I had a student show up with binoculars since her current prescription has expired. I also found notes on homework…see below. And yes, this is completely their creativity and execution. And no, unicorn wasn’t on their spelling list.




This past week was also my “identity in Christ” week. If you’re a regular on my posts, you probably remember how I spend a week going through what it is, who I am, what I am here for and what my purpose is, and what my life should look like – all if our identity is in Christ. This year, I was privileged to see the truth of these lessons fall on good soil in so many of my students. Many of them said despite hearing this truth each year, it’s sinking in more than it did before. For a few students, deep lies from the enemy were pulled out and replaced with truth. Please pray for these few-that in the midst of their heartache, the truth would be forever buoyant. Pray also that as the other students continue to reflect and think about this past week, that lives would be forever changed.

Future adventures: accreditation
This upcoming week a team from all over the world will be at HIS, “grading our school” as I explained to my students. Please pray that peace would flood our campus in this stressful time and that all of the work that has been put into this would be well-received. Pray that as the team comes they will adjust to the altitude and would be inspired and encouraged by their time in La Paz.

Future adventures: tying it all up
The phrase “let me check my social calendar” escapes my lips all too often these days. Please pray that I would have sweet moments with my friends who are leaving the country for good. These people have really defined “life in La Paz” for me. It breaks my heart to see them go, so of course we have to live it up and be present to each moment God has given us!

Please also pray that I would end well with my discipleship girls, Natalia and Anna Fay. Anna Fay is leaving Bolivia and as I’m transitioning into admin and a masters degree, this season as we know it is coming to a close. Pray for sweet moments with them, too.

Future adventures: Seattle Pacific University
Details continue to fall into place for this summer as I start my masters. God has provided free housing for me, and now I’m asking for a free bike so that I can save money on transportation to school! I’m all registered for my classes and as I communicate with my advisor, I get more and more excited for this new chapter. I’m still praying for LOTS of finances and for God to raise up a community and a church while I’m there.

Overall, the reality of these days feels incredibly chaotic. On the way home from school today, I asked my roommate to remind me to breathe. In my humanity, I’m copiloting a crashing plane screaming, MAYDAY, and in His grace, God’s gently saying, I’m flying, I’ve got this, I’ll sustain you. Please join me in prayer or even simple reminders to breathe. These are my “top 5” – so enjoy! You are loved and appreciated!


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